About us

Regional Development Agency South was established in August 2009 as a limited liability company (LLC) when it acquired signatures from the City of Nis, eleven (11) municipalities from Nisava, Pirot and Toplica districts, three (3) companies and seven (7) civil society organizations.

RDA South was created as a result of a great need among all of its stakeholders to actively engage in solving local problems and promoting regional development. As such, it considers all important factors that may affect the socio-economic development of the poorest and most rural districts in the Republic of Serbia, including the local governments that are directly responsible as well as companies and civil society organizations whose activities can greatly influence regional development.

All founders share a common goal which is that RDA South is to become one of the key players responsible for socio-economic development of Nisava, Pirot and Toplica districts in the long run.

RDA South intends to boost the development of the region through creating partnerships and long-term strategies for sustainable development of the region, through working with various governmental institutions and international & local donors, through inter-connectivity, education, and effective & immediate strategy implementation.

The main responsibilities RDA South are:

  • Project development and project management
  • Collecting, analyzing and presenting data
  • Promotion and advocacy
  • Strategic planning
  • Stay informed in the field of  regional economy and relationships with the private sector
  • Networking and lobbying on local, regional, national and international levels

RDA South was created with an objective to balance and reduce inequalities and differences that exist between districts (Toplica, Nisava and Pirot) as well as among other parts of the country.

RDA South focuses on following sectors:

  1. Economy as a whole: it strives to provide a sophisticated macro-regional analysis while acting as an agent of policy development in all levels. There is also a specific focus within the sector on following issues:
    • Development and consumption of renewable energy
    • IT development with a desire to make this the prime sector that drives the regional development
  2. Sustainable development: this ensures that the natural resources and all other resources in the region are self-sustainable and developing in a appropriate pace. Special attention is dedicated to sustainable use of resources such as Stara Planina.
  3. Human resource development: the focus here is on human capital in the region and ensuring that it develops its full potential. Furthermore, it includes taking steps to make sure that the workforce develops the necessary skills and knowledge in order to attract investments in the region.
  4. Agriculture / Rural development: RDA South encourages the development of all rural sectors in the region especially focusing on agricultural and tourism initiatives in these ares.
  5. Infrastructure: RDA South does not play a role in the implementation of major infrastructural projects but is involved in identifying priority projects which will bring together relevant stakeholders and will identify potential sources of funding.
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