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Eta cities


The aim of a project ‘Eta cities’ is to inform and raise awareness among the Serbian public about the existing construction fund, energy consumption in different types of buildings and potential investment and non-investment measures to improve energy efficiency.

To successfully conduct this campaign, various teams of stakeholders are involved in preparation and implementation of the project. In each of the three Serbian regions (southeastern Serbia, western Serbia, and Vojvodina), the coordinating committee supports the logistics of the campaign. There are also regional technical teams responsible for specific energy analysis and thermo-graphic records of local residential buildings. Furthermore, energy passports will be issued for certain local objects while potential measures to achieve energy efficiency will also be published. At the local level, city authorities of participant cities play a key role as they actively support the planning and organization and provide overall resources.

Regional Development Agency “South”, as the head of the regional coordination team coordinates all activities in the territory of Southern and Eastern Serbia, providing support and managing activities in the territories of Nisava, Pirot and Toplice districts out of which 4 cities/municipalities participate: Nis, Pirot, Prokuplje and Aleksinac.

This project is being implemented due to a financial support of German Agency for International Cooperation GIZ – energy efficiency program.

More about the project >>>

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