Free Zone Pirot


Free Zone is a specially fenced and clearly marked location on the territory of Serbia where all carried out activities are granted certain benefits and privileges.

According to the Law on Free Zones, all activities are permitted on this territory especially the production of goods, processing, lon operations, warehousing of raw materials, banking and financial affairs, insurance and reinsurance, travel and other services, and any other type of business that does not pollute the environment.

Approved by the Federal Government on the 8.8.1996, free Zone Pirot was established  in April 1998 in the industrial zone Pirot  – the total area of 17 hectares with the possibility of extension to 50 hectares.  FZ Pirot is a joint venture where the majority shareholder is “Tiger” corporation.

A.D. Zone fulfills the required infrastructural criteria:

  • Electricity: 10 / 0.4 kv power 400 kw
  • Water, sewage system : yes
  • Phone: 150 independent lines
  • Transport links: international road E 80, the regional road Pirot-Knjaževac
  • Railways (industrial track): yes


  • Overall surface ​​650,000 m2
  • Rentable surface 170,000 m2
  • Outdoor area 103,181 m2
  • Indoor production area 2,597 m2
  • Commercial area 300 m2
  • Outdoor storage area 3,000 m2, indoor storage area 14,516 m2
  • Working hours: 24 h
  • Non-stop services: administration, security, shipping, transport

The Free Zone Pirot is in the possession of numerous studies conducted on the principles recognized by relevant international financial institutions (methodology for assessing efficiency and effectiveness of investment projects).


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