Mission and Goals

RDA South has a mission to improve the current standards and quality of life for all citizens of Nisava, Pirot and Toplica districts by encouraging a healthy business environment and creating new jobs.

The goal is to support governmental institutions in achieving comprehensive and sustainable economic development in those three districts. This would be achieved by creating high-quality human resources and healthy business climate which is a fertile ground for attracting foreign investments, establishing cooperation with other regional, national and international institutions and all in line with the current EU integration process.

The primary role of RDA South is to help the local ‘actors’ act in a way that will fully realize the potential of the region. As previously mentioned, the mission is to improve the quality of life for citizens living in the region which will be achieved through the implementation of five basic goals. Those goals include good urban planning, addressing the needs of the private sector which sholud thus result in a job creation, development and implementation of key regional projects, collection and analysis of all relevant data related to the development of the region as well as general promotion and advocacy of the region and various institutions in it.

Goal 1: To take the leading role in the processes of strategic planning and development of the region and to facilitate partnerships and collaboration among representatives from all sectors including public, private and civil

Goal 2: To assist in addressing the needs of the private sector in the region and thus create jobs

Goal 3: To be the engine that drives and promotes socio-economic development and management of regional projects

Goal 4: To act as a “knowledge bank” on all issues related to the region including a large database of key national experts

Goal 5: To promote, lobby and be an advocate of the region at national and international levels in order to facilitate problem-solving

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