Ongoing projects

Project of constructing regional center for waste management for the region of Niš in accordance with ppp model with elements of concession

The primary goal of the project is establishing sustainable waste management system by analyzing all waste treatment options, for the purpose of reducing environmental hazard and preventing space degradation. Implementation of the primary goal will be carried out through partial project goals which refer to:

  1. Meeting the amplified requirements for environment-friendly waste removal (the result of which will be increased disposal costs);
  2. Applying the principle of charging real costs of waste disposal to the polluter, waste producer;
  3. Implementation of new production technologies and waste treatment procedures;
  4. Researching recycled products market.

Communal waste in the region of Nis is mostly collected by public communal enterprises which are founded by local self-governments. Vehicle organization and waste container arrangement are based on assessment and previous practice, not on appropriate analysis of the number of residents, frequency of filling and emptying the containers and vehicle capacity. The following waste collection and transportation problems are to be emphasized: inappropriate number and structure of waste collection containers; inadequate arrangement of containers; lack of appropriate waste transportation vehicles; inadequate frequency of waste transportation; inappropriate transportation routes; unsolved problem of transporting waste from health institutions and some enterprises.

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