Planed capital projects

Systemic measures

1) Creating a Fund for development of southern Serbia with the aim to finance projects that include designing and building infrastructures including expropriation of land, improving the infrastructure for commercial space, revitalize brownfield locations, agriculture and rural development including consolidation and construction of irrigation systems

2) Introducing tax benefits and subsidies for companies that operate on the territory of south Serbia, primarily through the exemption from income tax and through facilitating access to subsidies

3) Transferring ownership to local governments of military objects that are no longer in use

4) Increasing the attractiveness of duty-free zones in southern Serbia by supporting the creation of state property units that would facilitate realization of brownfield investments – Free Zone South in Nis and Prokuplje, Free Zone in Pirot and Free Zone in (in progress)

5) When creating a policy of re-industrialization it is necessary to make strategic decisions based on available resources – industrial tradition, educational infrastructure, structure and availability of labor, but also to decide which are priority sectors among the industrial sectors in certain regions and in cities/municipalities and then direct foreign investors towards more competitive regions for specific sectors. The priority sectors in the city of Nis are: electronics, IT, heavy machinery, manufacture of components required for these sectors, food processing and logistics.

The Serbian government has greatly invested in maintaining the social peace in Kragujevac until Fiat’s arrival. Furthermore, in a joint venture with Fiat, the government invested additional 400 million euros. Having said this, today the revival of Kragujevac city is an example of good practice, the way in which the country can develop a single region. The city of Nis, the largest city in central Serbia and a proper center of the region of Southern and Eastern Serbia also expects its Government to bring a strategic investor or group of smaller investors for the previously mentioned sectors. In addition, the support of the Government is needed to preserve an industrial capacity in the metal complex.

6) Arranging the watercourse of Juzna Morava basin

7) Establishing mechanisms to support company development of companies engaged in advanced technologies and forming an IT Academy that will educate personnel required for the practical work in these companies

Specific projects of regional and local importance

The city of Nis aligns its level of development with the City of Nis Development Strategy by 2020 and with the annual City Development Programs. In addition, the development strategy for Nisava, Toplice and Pirot districts is in its final phase.

In accordance with the strategic directions defined by the City of Nis Development Strategy by 2020 and specifically collected initiatives and projects of municipalities from Nisava district we provided an overview of projects whose realization is possible only with the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia:

Strategic Direction I: Territorial development oriented towards sustainable environment

The goal of the strategic direction I: to transform the city of Nis into an urban regional center, environmentally friendly, with high quality infrastructure and transport links, in accordance with advanced city development policies and good practice examples from EU cities.

8) Feasibility study was done for constructing a central processing water waste treatment plant for the city of Nis and collectors project worth about 70 million euros

9) Regional waste water treatment plant at the delta of the River Toplice in Juzna Morava (Doljevac, Bojnik, Merosina, Zitorada)

10) Construction of a water waste treatment plant for the municipality of Gadzin Han and plants for municipalities of Gornji and Donji Dusnik

11) Construction of a water supply system on the territory of South Serbia, Kursumlija – Prokuplje – Merosina – Nis and a water supply system for  Brestovac – Doljevac – Nis

12) Construction of a water supply system (and channeling – water waste treatment) for the municipality of Svrljig

13) Construction of a regional waste management system “Keles”

14) Improving a travel infrastructure and traffic connection by connecting the city of Nis (urban municipalities Crveni Krst and Pantelej), and municipality of Svrljig, Aleksinac and Soko Banja (there is a protocol of cooperation between the municipalities signed on the 16th of January 2013)

15) Construction of a road and railway routes: Nis – Svrljig – Knjazevac – Zajecar and Nis – Prokuplje – Kursumlija

Strategic Direction II:  Establishing a secure, reliable and investment friendly environment as the basis for sustainable economic development  

The goal of strategic direction II: to create conditions for adequate labor supply, industrial relocation, attracting investments, improving relationships; to create financial opportunities for developing entrepreneurship and logistics and to create conditions that will boost the activities in the local business community as well as start-ups and new companies in highly profitable sectors.

16) Reconstruction and expansion of the local airport Constantine the Great

a) Developing a passenger traffic through the establishment of cooperation with JAT airways and obtaining missing equipment with the support of the Directorate of Civil Aviation and Airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade

b) Cargo traffic – secure funding / implementation of the project of building a “logistics center Free Zone South” from the pre-accession funds. EU MISP program is currently completing a feasibility study and it is necessary to insert the project value estimated between 15 and 20 million euros into the plan for Project Financing 2015. It is also important to provide support for finding a strategic partner for developing the logistics center at the airport itself.

17) In order to promote cooperation between the University of Nis and business sector in the region  it is necessary to construct a Science -Technology Park in the city of Nis, which should be realized from the loan of the European Investment Bank through a project of building innovation   infrastructure to conduct the “JUP Research and Development.” The location for the Park has been identified and it is the property of the City of Nis, necessary projects have been completed and the location permit issued. The value of the project is 10.5 million euros and it is essential that the Ministry of Finance and Economy issues bank guarantees for that part of the loan and that JUP Research and Development announces an international tender to find a company that will perform the work.

18) Providing equipment for the infrastructure and utilities for the location Lozni Kalem (approx. 20h of land owned by the City of Nis) in Niska Banja in accordance with the general plan

19) The City of Nis does not own enough land in order to ensure the economic development of the city. It is necessary to obtain support from the Government of Serbia in the process of acquiring assets primarily through the transfer of property of the Republic Directorate for Property, Ministries and public companies and of companies founded by the Republic of Serbia:

a) Transfer of founding rights of the “Center for Viticulture and Enology” of the Republic of Serbia to the city of Nis in order to obtain approx. 20 hectares of industrial land. The Ministry of Education and Science and the Department for Property of the Republic of Serbia are the authorities in charge.

b) Obtaining an attractive land owned by the Ministry of Justice and the state administration in the area of ​​County prison in Nis which could be transformed into an industrial-commercial zone.

c) Acquisition of land from JP Serbia Waters along the riverbed of Nisava River which could be of a great importance for the city of Nis. Among other things, it would allow the construction of local beach  “Ada Geneva” in Niska Banja.

d) Transfer of ownership of agricultural land to the city of Nis to improve fruit and wine production on the territory of the city – Project “Increasing the value of wine” and project “Green Zone.”

e) Initiate a transfer of property owned by the Ministry of Defense and the Army of Serbia, unused by both, to the Republic of Serbia, for the purpose of making it operational or further transferring it to local governments.

20) The support from the government is needed in preserving the industry capacity in the ‘metal complex’ and finding strategic partners for companies which may continue their work – bad privatizations and non-privatized business companies (MIN Vagonka and Locomotives NIS, NIS Jastrebac, Pivara NIS, Pomoravlje NIS, ELID Donji Dusnik – Gadzin Han etc.); Ensuring the restart of production of companies from the metal complex through: strategic partnership with factories in the field of railway program of MIN (Heavy Machinery Industry Nis) Holding (MIN Vagonka and MIN Lokomotiva)  with JP Serbian Railways and ensuring the survival of these two factories; ensuring that during the construction of irrigation systems in investments made by the state and by companies in which the state is a participant in the capital, preferential position is secured for domestic manufacturers of pumps which will further enable the commence of domestic production and preservation of jobs in the pump factory Jastrebac

21) Creation of regional industrial zone of the Nis region through regional cooperation between Nis, Merosina, Doljevac

22) Improving the electricity capacity in order to raise competitiveness of industrial and business zones and to provide high-quality supply of electricity to current and future employers. Capacity building in the industrial zones in Nis: from the North – Airport, from the West – Dinje Medurovo; regional industrial zones foreseen by the infrastructural plan, from Doljevac-Bubanj and from Belotinac-Donje Medurovo, as well as from Merosina – Mramorsko Brdo and substation Nis 15 in the Municipality of Doljevac

23) Financial support by the Serbian Government in building a multifunctional exhibition center in the city of ​​Nis; the construction of the first building and establishment of fairgrounds for further development under the JPP model later on

24) Finding a final and sustainable solution for EI Holding and MIN Holding and dependent economic entities. Unfortunately, we are not talking about manufacturing plants at this point but an abandoned property that daily collapses and that cannot be put in the previous function. For these reasons we need the Government to initiate the relevant procedures that will lead to the final takeover of the state assets by the Republic Directorate for Property and the transfer of the property the city of Nis which will then be in the position of the land and infrastructure as part of the East Industrial Zone in the event of EI Holding and partly in the industrial zones in the West in the case of MIN Holding. In addition, it is necessary to ensure payments of social contribution to workers of EI Holding and MIN Holding

25) Obtaining funds to equip the industrial zones – from the west at the Ivan Milutinovic street – secondary equipment and from the east, the Centre for Viticulture – primary and secondary infrastructure

26) Programs for agricultural and rural development:

a) Rearranging and improving agricultural land through land consolidation and construction of irrigation systems

b) Support the development of viticulture through  rebuilding of Nis vineyards

c) Support the development of horticulture in the Nis region – Merosina – Gadzin Han

d) Support the development of animal husbandry – Svrljig, Gadzin Han

27) Exploiting coal at “Dubrava” Aleksinac  in Aleksinac mines

28) To exclude from privatization and transfer assets to the Republic Directorate for Property and the City of Nis – entities within the MIN Holding that are used by a business incubator center of Nis

Strategic Direction III : Balanced and comprehensive improvement  of quality of life in the city of Nis

The goal of the strategic direction III : Create a stimulating and safe social environment in which all citizens will be able to express and meet their needs for belonging and identity, socialization and personal development.

29) Support the completion of construction of capital sport facilities to meet the standards required by international competitions – it is necessary to obtain financial support for the construction of  western stand of the stadium CAIR in order to meet UEFA standards

30) The development of ski resorts Bojanine Vode by overtaking ski-lifts from Kopaonik, by constructing new ski paths, by constructing a loop on a highway Nis – Dimitrovgrad for Skicenter Bojanine Vode and by building the access road Ploce-Bojanine Vode. There is a project JP Skijaliste (Skicenter) Serbia and currently the documentation for access road and land of the ski resort is being prepared

31) Support for securing housing – permanent solutions for relocating families whose houses are no longer inhabitable due to landslides on Mramorsko brdo

32) To exclude from privatization and to transfer assets of facilities used by the Social Security Institute Nis: MIN Holding, EI Holding, Nitex, Jastrebac to the Republic Directorate for Property and city of Nis

Strategic Direction IV: Improving the institutional framework and management processes

The goal of the strategic direction IV: to introduce institutional reforms in order to improve the skills and efficiency in decision-making processes, following the principles of subsidiarity in the territory of the city.

33) Regarding the planned amendments for the Law on Regional Development, the City of Nis has prepared its proposals and suggestions, but we believe that for effective implementation of regional development policy in this institutionally asymmetrical country the law needs to define regional centers as well as regional authorities at the level of Central Serbia. Additionally, it is needed to accept suggestions when making changes and amendments for the Law on Regional Development.

34) Making a decision about establishing a regional public service in Nis by turning JP  ” Niska televizija” ((public company – TV Nis)  into a regional TV service.

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