Transport Infrastructure

saobracaj1The area of ​​the region is interlaced with dense network of international, regional and local roads. The most important road junction on the territory is the international highway E-75 which branches north from the city of Nis to a highway E-75 that leads to Thessaloniki and Athens and to international road E-80 leading to Sofia. In addition to Corridor X, of particular importance to the region are also the international road E-771 Nis -Svrljig-Zajecar-Negotin -Kladovo-Turnu Severin, regional road M-25 Nis-Prokuplje-Kursumlija-Podujevo-Pristina, as well as a regional road M- 9 Pirot -Babušnica-Vlasotince-Leskovac-Lebane-Pristina. The total length of public roads in the region is 1315.60 km. The length of main roads is 451.20 km out of which 182.00 km is the length of highways. The length of other secondary routes is 864.40 km.

Railway Infrastructure

There are two major intersections in the region: one is represented by the city of Nis where the railroad Belgrade-Nis labeled No.70 separates the railway route Nis-Svrljig-Zajecar- station Prahovo labeled No. 75, Nis-Pirot-border with the Republic of Bulgaria labeled No. 80, as well as the railway line Nis-Leskovac-Doljevac- Presevo-state border with Macedonia labeled No. 90. Another important intersection is at Doljevac where from the road No. 90 spreads another route Doljevac -Kastrat –Kosovo Polje labeled No. 85. Having said this, there are three roads in the region labeled No. 70, No. 80 and No. 90 belonging to the Corridor X, and two regional routes No. 75 and No. 85 linking the area to the east of Serbia and Kosovo. The railway Nis-Belgrade label No. 90 is double tracked and electrified through the entire Nisava district although the electrical equipment is old and needs to be reconstructed. According to the strategic plan of Corridor X, 1 073 billion euros need to be invested in this section.

Airport “Constantine the Great”


The air traffic operates through the airport Constantine the Great, located 4 km from the center of Nis. The airport is located in the area with very favorable weather conditions throughout the year, with very few foggy and snowy days which is why it has previously been used as an alternative airport on many occasions for airports in Pristina, Podgorica, Belgrade, Tivat, Ohrid, Skopje and Sofia. The airport has also been used for regular and charter flights as well as for alternative landings of JAT, Montenegro Airlines, AVIOGENEX, Macedonian Airlines, Balkan, Tea, Crossair, Deutsche BA, Lufthansa, Thomson etc. Currently, there are daily scheduled flights Nis – Podgorica with Montenegro Airlines and with a stopover in Podgorica from where Nis can be linked to more than 16 destinations in Europe. The airport Constantine the Great is situated at an altitude of 197 m. It was built in 1986 and during 2003 the runway was reconstructed and new lighting system was installed. The runway is 2500 m long and 45 m wide while next to it there is a platform dimensions 275m x 100m and a taxiway 25m wide. On the platform there are 4 parking spots for aircrafts. The full capacity of the airport in emergency situations is 20 aircrafts.

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